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County Party Members and Duties

The Precinct Committee Member

Precinct committee members—also called central committee members—are the backbone of the Republican Party in Iowa. Each precinct is represented by two individuals at the county central committee. These two precinct committee members must reside within their precinct and are elected every caucus by other Republican residents of that precinct. Precinct committee members (or central committee members) are responsible for attending Republican county central committee meetings and organizing their precinct. As the phrase goes, “All politics is local”, and if central committee members are active and energetic, then the Republican Party will make significant progress throughout the state!

Duties and Responsibilities

The following list includes, but is not limited to, the official and unofficial duties and responsibilities of the

precinct committee member:

  • Organize and provide information to other Republicans in the precinct.
  • Represent their precinct by attending every County Central Committee meeting.
  • Encourage their neighbors to vote Republican at the polls.
  • Bridge the gap between voters and elected officials.
  • Help recruit volunteers for election activities.
  • Attend County and State caucus-to-convention trainings.
  • Organize and chair the precinct caucuses.
  • Work to promote conservative principles and to elect Republicans.


The County Chair

The county chair is the leader and presiding officer of the county Republican Party. The county chair is responsible for a number of duties involving the organizing and strengthening of the Party at the county level. However, the chair should not attempt to do this alone. Rather, he or she should collaborate with the officers and members of the County Central Committee to organize and operate the functions of the Party. As such, a county chair should be outgoing, self-motivated, organized, and willing to work with others.

Duties and Responsibilities

The county chair’s official and unofficial duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Recruit enthusiastic, responsible people to serve as committee members in precincts that are not filledat the Precinct Caucus.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to chair the precinct caucuses.
  • Call and chair regular meetings of the County Central Committee.
  • Raise funds for local candidates.
  • Represent the county Party to candidates, officeholders, and local, state, and national Republican organizations.
  • Supervise any party office staff authorized by the County Central Committee.
  • Recruit and develop local candidates.
  • Prepare for conducting the precinct caucus and county convention.
  • Maintain a positive and communicative relationship with the Republican Party of Iowa and other state and/or Republican organizations.

The County Treasurer

The county treasurer serves three main functions:

  1. Maintains records of all incoming and outgoing funds and expenditures
  2. Files reports with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosures Board
  3. Provides support and financial updates to the County Central Committee

The County Secretary

The County Secretary provides two main functions:

  1. Keeps a record of meetings with an attendance record of those present.
  2. Records and files the minutes of the meetings